GSM remote monitoring

November 2001 Infrastructure

The LOGI-CELL RTCU range of GSM remote telemetering and control units has achieved considerable acceptance and success in Europe. A case in point is the fact that the second largest electricity company in Denmark has chosen the RTCU/RMR remote metering unit for remote meter reading.

This unit, made for the high volume market is encapsulated in a compact 150 x 150 x 57 mm box, provides four digital inputs, four relay outputs, four analog inputs, four analog outputs, and can communicate by voice or DTMF. The RTCU/mobile unit combines a GSM cellphone modem with GPS (global positioning system), in a very compact unit for mobile applications. This unit was chosen by the Norwegian company AutoTrap in its mobile tracking system.

Version 4 of the development system software is being released and brings a number of enhancements including:

* Remote programming of the RTCU units via the GSM or modem link.

* GPS (global positioning system) support.

* Dramatic speed improvements.

* New remote access communication protocol allows communication to an RTCU unit from any environment/application.

LOGI-CELL RTCUs are marketed in South Africa by Westplex.

For further details contact Westplex on tel: (011) 787 0473, e-mail:

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