Four reasons Phillips CCS are first for observation.

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"Philips Observation Systems' (POS) new products featured at this year's IFSEC demonstrate the four areas that make Philips a market leader in observation," explains Andy Bull, Philips CCTV Product Manager. "Innovation, integrated functionality, plug-and-play technology and our commitment to service and reliability are positioning Philips Observation Systems in the high end component-based systems market."


Philips technological assets ensure that POS is constantly pushing the boundaries of observation equipment. For example, POS is the only system to offer professional digital colour cameras in the observation field. In addition, the new RS232 interface facilitates remote control and observation via standard telephone networks over any distance. The hugely successful RJ11 telephone cable technology uses a single low-cost cable for power, picture, audio, communication and control, allowing the connection of up to four cameras with a simple click. Furthermore, Event Replay utilises integrated solid-state memory to store 4 s before and 4 s after an event, providing image capture and replay without a VCR.

Integrated functionality

POS is a modular plug-and-play CCTV system offering a range of solutions combining CCTV with access control, alarm and intercom functionality. Philips' integrated functionality and plug-and-play technology allows users to take just the elements they need and simply plug them in to make a system that does exactly what is required, at an affordable price.

The range offers Intercom, Action and Interface boxes for easy expansion. The Intercom box provides a 2-way speech facility using microphones already built into the cameras. The Action box allows doors to be remotely opened, triggers VCR recording whenever a door or a till is opened and activates alarms etc. The Interface box enables special cameras such as low light models to be added to extend capability even further. All these devices simply plug into the cable connecting the cameras to the monitor for easy installation while auto-detection makes configuration and set-up automatic.

A wide range of award winning recording facilities is also available, including time lapse recorders offering unattended recording from 24 to 960 h on a standard VHS tape, with easy control and programming plus turbo speed image retrieval. The entire system is controllable through an easy to operate user interface on the intelligent monitor, practical for both full and part-time staff to use. POS provides a one-stop shop for a complete and compatible package.


Traditionally, system installation has been a complex, costly, time-consuming procedure, requiring long periods of business downtime and disruption. POS is designed to limit all of the above with the use of its innovative plug-and-play technology. The Philips Observation System uses a single telephone style carrying cable carrying power, picture, audio and control commands to all components, connected by simply plugging in. A single mains socket connected to the main monitor powers the entire system, eradicating the need for separate power points. As a result, the amount of cabling required is dramatically reduced, as is installation time and cost, disruption and subsequent business downtime. After physical installation the system automatically runs a check and set-up procedure and is ready to go. With POS it really is a case of plug-in-and-play.

Service and reliability

For observation a reliable partner is a key issue. Philips has chosen a stable and sturdy platform with easy installation and automatic set-up routines to prevent problems. All Philips components are designed to very high standards and extensively tested to ensure maximum performance. Philips provide a free hotline telephone help service accessible from anywhere in the world. Simply dial 0845 840 0018 for expert assistance, advice or general enquiries both before and after sales.

For details, contact Philips SA on telephone (011) 471 6062, fax (011) 471 6277.

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