New vibes in body search techniques

August 2001 Security Services & Risk Management

Guartel UK has just launched its latest cutting edge product, the Palm PD1 hands free metal detector, in South Africa. The search head of the PD1 is a lightweight stopwatch shaped coil which is less than 50 mm in diameter and only 5 mm thick. The detection fits snuggly into the palm of the hand of the user being held in place with a wrist band incorporating a PVC location pin which locates into the detector head. If required gloves can be worn by security personnel to eliminate visual evidence of the device.

The power and electronics pack for the PD1 is a compact moulded housing (105 x 32 x 20 mm) that can be attached to the belt or in the pocket of the user, or concealed by strapping around the upper arm. This high sensitivity detector provides visual, audio and vibrating alarms. When switched on the LED on the power-pack glows green and this changes to red on detection of any metal by the user. At the same time the power pack incorporates a vibration that provides a powerful stimulatory (and covert) warning of the presence of metal. If required an earpiece is provided which through an auxiliary cable will provide an audio signal.

A three-way switch allows the user to select any combination of vibrating and audio alarms, the visual alarm always being active.

The PD1 can easily detect a 20c (SA) piece at 50 mm and the wrapping in a cigarette box at over 100 mm. A single staple provides an alarm at 10 mm. The Palm is powered by a single 9 V PP3 battery, the alkaline type being preferred. The only controls are the on/off switch and a volume control for the earpiece. While the Palm can be used in place of wand detectors in any search situation a major application is less overt search situations for VIPs or in nightclubs.

As the detector is located within the palm of the hand normal 'pat-down' search techniques are highly effective as the detector coils are in much closer proximity to the suspect objects than any other type of sweep detector. The hands of the searcher are of course also totally free. Operated covertly (or discreetly) under gloves provides even more of a deterrent as potential perpetrators are not aware who is actually using the Palm. It is also a very less aggressive approach to effective body searching for shops, conferences and exhibitions.

The sole distributor of the Palm PD1 in southern Africa is Guartel SA of Pretoria. The Guartel range of products include a variety of metal and mine detectors.

For further details contact Guartel SA on tel: (012) 329 4116.

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