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1 June 2012 Products

The latest edition to RDC’s line-up is the introduction of the G-TX GPRS transceiver. Unique features include:

* Chip SIM – alleviating the risk of possible plastic SIM theft.

* Vibration sensor on board to send an immediate signal if anyone starts to tamper with the unit or its surrounds.

* Nine hardwire inputs and full contact ID reporting.

Two on board relays for basic home automation, arming/disarming

To complement the GTX and enable you to receive all signals in your control room RDC has developed the C-20. Some features are:

* Dual SIM – as with the G-TX the C-20 base station accommodates two SIM cards to ensure two alternate GSM network connections.

* Touch screen display with virtual keypad allowing programming and manual viewing of incoming signals.

* Ethernet connection, allowing connection to VPN via any leased line connection or in the case of this connection failing automatic switch-over to GSM.

* 200 000 event buffer ensuring no signal will be lost during control room software failure.

* 20 signals per second receiving capability, this equates to ±1,7 million signals per 24 hour period.

Complementing the GPRS product range RDC has made many enhancements to the TX SMS, it now boasts a 500 missed call number capability, four hardwire inputs and two onboard relays. Again a unique feature is the onboard tamper sensor that detects any vibration, movement on or around the product and sends a SMS to four cellphone numbers and at the same time can send signals directly to the central station.

Find RDC – Radio Data Communications in Hall 3, Stand B03.


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