neaMetrics delivers Suprema to IFSEC

1 June 2012 Products

Suprema’s FaceStation is an IP based biometric face access control terminal that, unlike conventional face recognition technology, overcomes inherent weak points brought by lighting intensity and pose variation. Suprema’s advanced algorithm and patented adaptive IR illumination technology enables a face image extraction process that is robust to various lighting conditions while achieving incredible matching speeds (1:1 000 in less than one second) which far outpaces all other face recognition devices in the market.

Suprema’s BioEntry series blends the benefits of a next generation distributed IP system with the high-level security provided by biometrics. Integrated with both fingerprint and card, BioEntry series covers a full range of access control applications from a simple standalone door control to complex networked access control systems.

Suprema also invites visitors to its stand to view the solution of integration partner, DDS (iCE). DDS is a manufacturer of global security solutions, based on advanced access control. Primary features include its highly scalable hardware controller, which monitors and controls from a single door to hundreds of doors in single or multiple locations and/or with multiple tenant options, also integrated CCTV, alarm and environmental monitoring (temperature, fire, movement), building management as well as card and visitor management, making it ideal for corporate buildings, office parks, data centres and industrial and manufacturing plants.

Suprema’s RealScan-G1 is a compact fingerprint live scanner with FBI PIV certification and live finger detection making it ideal for government and commercial applications including national ID, immigration, healthcare, banking and e-commerce.

Suprema’s hybrid type live finger detection (LFD) technology is based on the finding that dynamic image characteristics of fake fingers are clearly disting-uishable from those of live fingers. LFD uses an advanced analysis algorithm to catch these abnormalities in the dynamic changing pattern of fingerprint images and static features such as ridge patterns and local intensity distribution.

RealPass-F is a multi-format ID card and passport scanner which reads various types of ID cards and passports with fast full-page scanning. RealPass-F provides full-page, automatic scanning of visual information zone (VIZ) of ICAO standard passports and various types of ID cards including driver’s licences and national IDs. The device also reads machine-readable zone (MRZ) and RFID data from various types of ID cards and passports with unrivalled speed and accuracy.

SupreMOBILE is the ideal solution for time management for a mobile workforce, service contractors, mining, agriculture, emergency evacuation roll call, safety and security for schools, and security and guarding services. SupreMOBILE was launched in 2009 and is currently being distributed internationally to 13 countries through Suprema’s distribution partners.

Find Suprema in Hall 2, Stand I16.


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