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March 2012 Security Services & Risk Management

Hi-Tech Security Solutions asked Roy Alves, country general manager, Axis Communications, about the right mix of technology and guards.

Roy Alves
Roy Alves

Hi-Tech Security Solutions: How does the modern security or operations manager decide how best to integrate technology and human resources to achieve the best results for their companies?

Roy Alves: Operations managers have come to realise that camera security has helped resolve several major and minor incidents ranging from collisions, damage and theft, to the presence of uninvited guests. Operations/security managers can ensure that every corner of even an extremely large property is monitored with the help of camera surveillance. However, once the crime has been spotted with the help of surveillance cameras, armed guards/personnel are required in order to tackle the situation at hand. Thus, one can safely say that technology and human resources go hand-in-hand when talking about security.

Hi-Tech Security Solutions: When and where should the emphasis be placed on technology, and when are human guards the best solution?

Roy Alves: Technology comes into play when large areas need to be monitored and you cannot rely solely on human guards or patrolling vehicles. Proactive monitoring techniques allow for early detection and intervention before serious crimes are committed. Guarding would come into play when you have to act upon an intrusion/crime. Although guarding can be a deterrent to a criminal, it is most effective when integrated with a high-quality technology solution to obtain the key benefits.

Hi-Tech Security Solutions: What questions should you be asking if you want the best of both worlds?

Roy Alves: Wanting the best of both worlds is key in these scenarios. As mentioned before, for the optimal solution, guarding and technology systems such as an IP-based surveillance system work hand in hand to offer and provide the best results. There are often shortcomings of relying solely on the physical presence of patrol cars/guards in very vast and large areas. Guards and reaction vehicles require direction and can only respond to incidents that are immediately visible to security personnel. An IP surveillance solution would be the most effective method of coordinating the movements of armed response and law enforcement, thereby providing a safer environment.

Hi-Tech Security Solutions: How do you ensure humans and technology are managed properly to ensure they work together optimally?

Roy Alves: Training of guards and personnel to work with technology is key to the success of these two working optimally. With the help of technology, companies can ensure that they have quicker response time from their guards, coupled with the capability of monitoring numerous zones at once.


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