Copper displays in Chile

November 2011 CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring, Mining (Industry)

AG Neovo has been charged with monitoring industrial facilities and offices in Chile.

AG Neovo has been assigned a role in Chile’s copper mining industry. Its RX-W42, a 42-inch full HD LCD display has been charged with monitoring industrial facilities and offices at the El Salvador mine of Codelco, the National Copper Corp. of Chile.

Codelco not only is the world’s largest copper producer, but owns the largest known reserves of the mineral on earth. Headquartered in Santiago, it consists of five principal operating divisions: Codelco Norte, Andina, Ventanas and El Teniente as well as Salvador.

“They have very high resolution,” said René Adaros, superintendent of electricity supply service management, while speaking of the eight RX-W42s that have been installed in the control room of Codelco’s Salvador operation. “Especially noteworthy is their combination of excellent black levels and great dark matter detailing within grey scales that create a superb picture for security personnel on night shift.”

The RX-W42 comes with the latest image processing engine and AIP (Advanced Image Platform) technology. The reward is a significantly improved image performance that decisively enhances the entire CCTV monitoring system.

The RX-W42’s capacity for adapting to climatic extremes further justifies Codelco’s adoption of the display. “More than anything else, they are tough and reliable enough to get through the hot weather in Chile,” Adaros added.

The RX-W42 is specifically crafted for security professionals who need instruments, displays included, to stay on duty 24 hours a day all year round. Codelco engineers know they can count on AG Neovo’s proprietary Anti-Burn-in technology to prevent screen burn, a familiar concern for LCD monitors installed in public environments where they are invariably required to display a static image over extended periods.

As an extra guarantee to stand up to the toughest requirements of round-the-clock operations, the RX-W42 comes with solid metal casing and edge-to-edge NeoV Optical Glass. Not only resistant to scratch and impact damage, this hard glass shields the panel from dust and moisture ingression. Another beauty of this special formula of glass technology is that it increases image clarity by substantially reducing the reflection rate and improving the transmittance rate to as high as 97,7%.


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