Effective parking control requires physical barriers

October 2011 Security by Industry Sector

Parking automation technology.

Centurion Systems has been developing access control solutions for the past 25 years. Its Sector range of high-volume traffic barriers and its recently launched Claws roadway traffic spikes offer parking facilities a new level of high volume efficiency and security.

The Sector traffic barriers are powered by a custom-built DC motor and gearbox and can raise a three metre boom pole in less than 1,2 seconds. This is ideal for busy entrances and exits that need to keep traffic flowing smoothly. Operating slightly slower, the Sector will effortlessly raise up to a six-metre pole smoothly and reliably.

They are equipped with a 12 V battery-driven motor, to ensure your security is never compromised. The Sector will continue to stay on, even when the power is off – beating up and down 3000 times during a 24 hour power failure before it needs a recharge. If you are expecting no power for a while, the built-in mains failure detection can be set to keep the barrier raised under power failure conditions.

The Sector’s DC motor and reduction gearbox generates significant torque and together with a high quality counter-balance spring they offer reliable operation even in high wind conditions. The Sectors are equipped with safe obstruction detecting technology that will sensitively detect any obstruction on a lowering or raising boom.

The slim casing is epoxy-coated in a highly visible traffic yellow which keeps it safe from drivers with terrible eyesight, and are available with different levels of corrosion protection for inland, coastal plains, and marine conditions. For those more prestigious sites, where a premium finish is required, they are available in brushed 316 Stainless Steel too.

CLAWS are what most security conscious parking operators need. This traffic barrier spike system is available in either a flush mounted design where they are installed flush with the roadway, or surface mounted where they are mounted virtually on top of the roadway and the design incorporates a speed bump. The modular design ensures that stock is available quickly, and that a wide variety of custom-made lengths can be constructed in 500 mm increments.

The Claws are also available in either a direct drive version whereby the sector operates the spikes, or an indirect drive option where the spikes are operated independently of the traffic barrier.

For more information contact Centurion Systems, +27 (0)11 699 2467, www.centsys.co.za


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