Midspan PoE with surge protection

June 2011 Products

BFR Digital is introducing high-end, high-power solutions for PoE (Power over Ethernet) IP cameras and other devices. All the products feature a self-contained power supply and surge protection and will cater for the most demanding industrial IP CCTV applications.

PoE offers the advantage of power and data for a network device on one cable. The product range from BFR is 10/100 IEEE 802.3af compliant.

The PoE Midspan power supplies feature:

* Wide input supply voltage range.

* Self contained 48 V power supply.

* Built-in surge protection.

* High power output.

* Intelligent PoE status indication and power management.

* 1,5 kW zone 2 protection level.

Products in the range include:

* 10 port rack mount unit with a total user power rating of 75 W or 7,5 W per port.

* 4 port standalone unit with a total user power rating of 75 W or 15 W per port.

* 2 port standalone unit with a total user power rating of 25 W or 12,5 W per port.

* Single port PoE standalone camera end protection device only.

For more information contact BFR Digital, +27 (0)11 786 5575, dionp@bfrdigital.co.za, www.bfrdigital.co.za


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