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May 2011 CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring, Products

A new thermal camera that does not need cooling has hit the market.

Opgal Optronics Industries has announced the launch of its latest Eyesec un-cooled, continuous zoom thermal camera. The new Eyesec is now available in South Africa through Opgal’s’ business partners, C3 Shared Services.

C3 has been installing Opgal’s thermal cameras combined with intelligent video analytics as part of their security offering for the last four years. Brendon Cowley, C3 director, says, “Previously the continuous zoom capabilities were only available in the expensive cooled thermal cameras, but now, thanks to Opgal’s R&D, they are now offering this same technology but in a more affordable un-cooled camera. This continuous zoom function with auto focus allows for ease of use by the control room operators combined with superior detection capabilities.”

Yoav Gross, director of security sales for Opgal, explains the motivation behind the development of such a thermal camera, “We wanted to give the control room operators the same feel and convenience as that of conventional CCTV high-speed domes and PTZ devices, but with thermal capabilities. Not only have we succeeded in achieving this but we have surpassed all expectations with the development of this new Eyesec camera.”

C3 technical director, Nick Grange explains further, “This camera allows the operator to zoom from 15 to 100 mm optic without having to switch optics as done in the past, and is available in an array of options to suit all applications. The top of the range unit is based on a detector of 640 x 480, with a sensitivity of 17 μm pitch. This sensitivity allows for detection and recognition of objects at a further distance. One needs to see the quality of image as well as ease of use to understand the effectiveness of this technology both day and night.”

The new Eyesec offers night and day, civilian and paramilitary surveillance for sites such as; nuclear plants, mines, petrochemical installations, warehouses, national borders, airports, railroads, pipelines, oil terminals, electrical power-plants, communication transmitters and prisons. The camera provides a clear thermal video image in total darkness, light fog or smoke.

Some of the additional benefits of the camera include:

* Superb performance using advanced image enhancement algorithms.

* Remote controlled focus on demand.

* Zoom capabilities, continuous digital zoom.

* Rugged design, sealed against water, sand and dust.

* Easy integration using Pelco-D.

* Continuous optical zoom, from 40° field of view down to 6,2°.

* High resolution up to 640X480 – 17 μm pitch.

* IP66.

For more information contact C3 Shared Services, +27 (0)11 312 2041, marketing@c3ss.com, www.c3ss.com


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