BitDefender Total Security 2010 Receives top score from PC Security Labs Total Protection Test

September 2010 Information Security

Antivirus software awarded five stars for high malware detection scores and minimal false positives.

BitDefender has announced that BitDefender Total Security 2010 obtained the Top Score award from PC Security Labs Total Protection Test for July.

The test recognises BitDefender Total Security 2010 excellent detection of prevalent malware with minimal false positives. Creating a 'malware prevalence index system', PC Security Lab divided a set of the most common malware samples into categories based on their level of prevalence to the average computer user then tested 31 antivirus solutions’ malware detection and false positive rates. BitDefender received the highest overall score of 99,85.

“Our customers want the best protection from online threats, while reducing the number of false positives they experience during their everyday computer use,” said Viorel Canja, head of AntiMalware Labs at BitDefender. “The PC Security Labs test confirms BitDefender’s high malware detection rates and our commitment to providing the best total security products.”

“Our principal at PC Security Labs is scientific, precise and independent security software testing,” said Jeffrey Wu, president of PC Security Labs. “The Total Protection Test combines a static scan test, dynamic test, static false positive test and dynamic false positive test for a single comparative test that supports and determines industry standards.”

For additional information and details on the results of this test, please visit July’s test report or

For more information contact Alina Anton, senior PR and marketing coordinator, EMEA & APAC Business Unit, BitDefender, +40 212 063 470, [email protected],

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