Liberty Life invests in IP

September 2010 CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring

New KwaZulu-Natal regional headquarters of the insurance giant takes a serious approach to security.

The sun-kissed suburb of Umhlanga Ridge, north of Durban, is home to Liberty Life’s plush new regional office. The 11 000-square-metre building was designed and built with an emphasis on environmentally friendly features and energy-saving technology, as part of Liberty’s commitment to the national Energy Efficiency Accord. Liberty Properties’ stringent security and building management system criteria necessitated the installation of a sophisticated, effective surveillance solution.

ML Technologies, a company specialising in high-tech network solutions, was awarded the security and building management installation tender. Various Axis network cameras were installed in strategic locations to maximise the efficiency of the system. ML Technologies was instrumental in designing a surveillance solution using Axis network products as well as the Honeywell EBI solution.

The central control room, situated within the Liberty Life development, is able to maintain strict control over the movement of persons entering the premises thereby reducing the security risks associated with modern day buildings. Axis network cameras are used to monitor vital areas throughout the building, while the EBI system is used to monitor and control equipment, such as extraction fans, standby generators and water levels, ensuring that swift action can be taken to avert possible incidents or malfunctions. All critical areas of this vast building can be accessed via the surveillance system, providing peace of mind for visitors and staff alike.

A camera for every eventuality

The Axis P3343 fixed dome network camera, chosen for its compact design and ability to operate in low light conditions, secures the fire escape passages where space is limited and light conditions are not optimal. “The remote focusing functionality, tamper resistant housing and ease of installation provided by power over Ethernet makes this an ideal camera,” remarks Regardt Kruger, technical director of ML Asset Management (holding company of ML Technologies).

Vehicle entry and exit is monitored by the Axis 216MFD network camera. The mega-pixel resolution of the Axis 216MFD allows for the identification of number plates and vehicle occupants. Discreet and unobtrusive surveillance throughout the building is provided by the Axis P3301 fixed dome network camera. This camera is capable of supplying quality images in both illuminated and low-light conditions.

The Axis 221 network camera, installed internally and externally, offers day and night functionality and operates effectively in sections of the building subject to dusty conditions and temperature fluctuations.

For more information contact ML Asset Management, +27 (0)12 664 2293,

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