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August 2010 Industrial (Industry)

Digital Video Manager R400 improves remote monitoring, integrates with OneWireless network.

Honeywell has announced key enhancements to its digital video technology used by industrial facilities to more effectively monitor their processes. Digital Video Manager (DVM) R400 features an upgraded system architecture that allows operators to more-easily manage multiple video subsystems deployed across global facilities from a central location. Additionally, DVM integrates with Honeywell’s OneWireless mesh network to allow plants to cost-effectively install cameras in virtually any location, further simplifying the installation and configuration process.

DVM, a component of Honeywell’s widely used Experion Process Knowledge System (PKS), is a digital video sensor and surveillance system that extends plant monitoring capabilities and integrates video stream and analytics with process control applications. This allows industrial facilities such as oil refineries, paper mills and power generation plants to observe hazardous or inaccessible areas from a distance and detect events beyond traditional sensor capabilities. Plants also can monitor workers and validate potential environmental and safety incidents. Additionally, DVM is a core piece of Honeywell’s overall industrial security portfolio that helps facilities detect and deter potential threats.

“No one at a process manufacturing site wants to be blindsided by an avoidable or undetected incident that leads to unplanned downtime, or worse, a dangerous situation, so DVM serves as a critical tool for detection and response,” said Scott Hillman, global solutions director, Honeywell Process Solutions. “Since it easily integrates with process control applications, DVM can literally help deliver a more complete picture of operations across various sites.”

DVM’s unique distributed video architecture simplifies operation by enabling multiple distributed servers to act as a single system without additional engineering requirements. It also reduces downtime caused by single points of failure, as well as reduces bandwidth and storage requirements. When combined with OneWireless, a single wireless network that accommodates multiple wireless devices and applications, DVM allows plants to cost-efficiently expand their video monitoring systems as needed.

Additionally, DVM improves operator effectiveness by allowing operators to easily toggle between process information and video streams, or to see video and process data combined into a single view. For example, if a video camera detects a potential pipeline leak, it can alert an operator to navigate from the Experion alarm summary to the relevant Experion display. The operator can then initiate a rapid and relevant response.

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