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May 2010 Integrated Solutions

Honeywell extends PC-based, IP recording portfolio with new digital video recorder and network video recorder.

Honeywell has announced the addition of two new products to its PC-based recording portfolio – the Fusion IV digital video recorder (DVR) and the Fusion IV network video recorder (NVR). The DVR is a hybrid solution that will facilitate migration to IP solutions from analogue systems, and the NVR is designed to efficiently manage the installation of enterprise-wide IP security.

The Fusion IV DVR enables users to migrate from an analogue to an IP security system with ease. It even includes an estimator tool that allows a system designer to develop designs more quickly, and with greater accuracy. It has the ability to record, search and transmit up to 32 channels of analogue or IP video sources and users can customise video recording and transmission with user-selectable, multiple compression types that can be applied on a per camera basis, including improved megapixel camera support.

For mid to large scale multisite surveillance implementations, the Fusion IV NVR is a good choice for upgrading the recording capabilities of an existing system or installing an IP surveillance network. With simultaneous IP recording, searching and system management for up to 32 cameras and 16 audio channels, the NVR also offers an internal storage capacity of 12-terrabytes, allowing customers to retain a greater amount of recorded video for extended periods of time. In addition, the NVR boasts software and hardware designed to operate as a dedicated IP recording solution capable of accommodating emerging IP recording technologies.

“The latest additions to our Fusion recording range further demonstrate Honeywell’s commitment to supporting installers with solutions for IP, analogue and hybrid systems,” said Jeremy Kimber, EMEA Channel marketing leader, Honeywell Systems Group. “Increasingly, our customers are demanding solutions that help them to take advantage of new technology without the need to remove and replace their existing infrastructure. For that reason, we are committed to driving innovation that supports the industry in its transition from analogue to IP.”

Seamless integration with Honeywell’s existing product portfolio, including Pro-Watch and WIN-PAK access control solutions creates a flexible and scalable offering matched by dedicated technical support for the end-to-end system. The Fusion NVR is also compatible with the Honeywell Active Alert video analytics suite which can be implemented for applications where intelligent video analysis contributes to increased security and a reduction in costs by minimising false alarms. Used with Honeywell’s EQUIP range of IP cameras and domes, the Fusion DVR delivers greater recording quality and an efficient network transmission process, as well as improved megapixel support for Honeywell’s HCX cameras.

For more information contact Honeywell Systems Group, +44 (0)1928 754023, nick.honess@honeywell.com, www.honeywell.com

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