Access control or controlled access?

April 2010 Products & Solutions

FollowerControl turns any controlled access system into an access control system with better performance and security. FollowerControl can also hook up with old fashioned key-related locking systems, making even them more secure and efficient than any sophisticated electronic controlled access system.

FollowerControl consists from a unique horizontal double beam with direction verification, a counter and an alarm unit with pre-warning signal for intruders or reminder to identify for users. The direction verification enables to unrestricted traffic flow in one direction, usually the way out. Simultaneously, the system restricts the traffic flow in the opposite direction, usually the way in.

After positive identification by card, fingerprint, remote or any other measure, access is granted from the system for one car or person only. Any unauthorised follower will set off the alarm which can only reset by positive identification within 20 seconds. After the delay or in case of more than one follower at a time, the main alarm is triggered immediately and automatically. As FollowerControl is an independent operating and open system, it is suitable for all access controlled or restricted areas and can hook up with any system from simple gate remotes for private properties and complexes, card or fingerprint readers to highly sophisticated face, number plate or iris recognition systems.

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