Portable walk-through metal detector

January 2010 Products

Fisher Labs has launched its new M-Scope portable walk-through metal detector, providing that extra mobility with easy assembly and disassembly. Ideal for on-siteapplications with great mobility and ease of portability. The M-Scope features:

Programmable control panel:

* Digital I/O.

* Keypad with security access control (lock out).

* LED bar graph for target strength.

* LCD for keypad interaction.

* Adjustable volume control.

* Memory feature for location-specific user settings.

* Self test/automatic calibration at turn ON.

* Transit counter.


* Single person portability.

* Weight: ±40 kg.

* Assembly/disassembly in only 5 minutes.


* Head-to-toe zone specific detection.

* Three sensor zones with LEDs.

* 100 levels of adjustable sensitivity.


* Battery operated (charger supplied).

* 40 Hour rechargeable Battery life.

For more information contact RicSan Agencies & Distributors (in association with Bernhard Agencies),+27 (0)82 312 0035, ricsan@vodamail.co.za

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