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January 2010 CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring

With millions of fans expected to watch the the FIFA 2010 World Cup in person or on television, security for South Africa’s 10 host stadia is understandably a priority.

“This is not only because of our country’s unfortunately high levels of violent crime but also in the wake of ongoing terrorist attacks around the world,” says John Loftus, managing director of Norbain SA, which in conjunction with Southwest Systems and using products from IndigoVision, recently completed a multimillion security upgrade at a Sports Palace in Rustenburg.

In keeping with FIFA president Sepp Blatter’s sentiments that “not one human life should be put in the balance by football” (http://www.fifa.com/aboutfifa/federation/releases/newsid=1052122.html), Southwest Systems’ director of sales Brian McMahon says this was behind the decision to install IndigoVision’s IP (Internet Protocol) surveillance and biometric fingerprint access control system at the stadium. IndigoVision is supplied by Norbain SA.

Says McMahon of IndigoVision’s technology, “It is an unavoidable fact of life that crowded areas are particularly vulnerable to security threats. Environments such as stadia and harbours require complex security solutions that are both scalable and flexible. Built on a stable platform, IndigoVision’s solutions include a powerful surveillance element. At the end of the day, these systems provide wide-ranging visibility throughout the premises as well as on the periphery, to allow not only for instant incident capturing but also incident prevention.”

According to him, today’s clients increasingly want 24/7 live video streaming on to hard drives, which he says not only improves incident response time but also operator efficiency while simultaneously providing a deterrent factor. “People also want systems that can be run from a central control room while integrating CCTV, intruder alarms and intercoms with gate, door and light control. The desire for wide-ranging functionality and add-ons, which in the case of high-profile stadia, would extend to crowd and player safety, crowd control, emergency evacuation, ticketing and loud speakers, is becoming more and more pronounced, hence the growth of IP-based digital technology.”

Loftus points out some of the IndigoVision products used:

* Internal vandal-proof fixed dome cameras: These high-end professional fixed IP dome cameras offer image quality that is as good as, if not better than, their analogue counterparts. Whether wall or ceiling mounted, the cameras, which boast built-in MPEG-4 compression technology, work in conjunction with IndigoVision’s IP video solution. Comprising standard internal and external, vandal-resistant cameras, the range allows for simple, easy deployment of IP-based video systems, since these only require a single CAT 5 cable for connection to the network. Because the cameras’ built-in PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) support allows them to be powered directly from the network, installation costs are reduced.

* IP video: One of the advanced features of IndigoVision’s IP video solution is its activity controlled framerate (ACF). This feature uses built-in analytics to enable IP cameras and transmitters to constantly monitor the amount of motion between frames. It also allows for the reduction of data rates by up to 50-fold, which increases the amount of video that can be stored on an NVR.

* Networked video recording: IndigoVision’s Networked Video Recorder 200 series provides for integrated recording and playback.

* External 36x PTZ domes: IndigoVision’s PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) IP cameras are fully compatible with its control centre video and alarm management software and its range of network video recorders (NVRs).

* Video analytics: The major benefit of camera-based, realtime analytics, which are deployed within the dome, is that they allow for the reduction of bandwidth and NVR storage requirements. Bandwidth saving occurs automatically during periods of scene inactivity, with active deployment kicking in when it is necessary to identify events taking place in realtime.

Both Loftus and McMahon expect that by the time 2010 arrives, not only stadium security will be defined by the latest in IP security technology. “As well as being the ultimate security solution for sports stadia, it is the future for CBDs (central business districts), public transport, ATMs, government institutions, as well as commercial and industrial premises,” concludes Loftus.


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