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January 2010 Surveillance

Bosch has released two new audio systems designed for recording legal proceedings.

In courtrooms, it is vital that audio is recorded and distributed correctly and efficiently. The judge, witnesses, prosecution, defendant and jury have to be accurately recorded for later play back and dictation. Sound quality is extremely important since there must be no doubt as to what has been said. In many cases, sound has to be amplified so that the attending audience and press can follow the proceedings.

In some cases it is necessary to display the person speaking on a large screen, or even make use of video conferencing technology when a defendant or witness cannot attend in person. In a multilingual court, interpretation is required so that all participants can follow the proceedings in their own language.

To meet the needs of every type of courtroom environment, Bosch has created two systems. For situations where only basic functionality is required, the CCS 800 Ultro is a cost effective audio solution. For courtroom situations that require more advanced functionality, the DCN Next Generation system is a total solution providing high quality audio and video, interpretation, language distribution and automatic camera control.

Cost effective solution

Simple to install and extremely straightforward to use, the CCS 800 Ultro is perfect for courts where audio processing is required. This solution offers audio processing and recording of all microphones, via the built in digital MP3 recording and play back facility. Microphones (wired or wireless) can be connected for guest speakers or audience participation. It is even possible to enable teleconferencing so that remote participants can participate.

Advanced solution

While incorporating all the same facilities as the CCS 800 Ultro system, the DCN system offers additional functionality. The DCN Next Generation makes it easy to record separate microphones via the Bosch Start-up ‘Courtroom’ and Meeting Recorder software which also provides high quality play back.

The DCN system can be connected to a video conference system. This allows for remote participation, as well as providing support for multiple languages through our advanced interpretation and language distribution system Integrus. The DCN also features an advanced automatic camera and large screen display.

For more information contact Elaine O’Gorman, Bosch Security Systems – South Africa & Sub-Sahara Africa, +27 (0)11 651 9818, elaine.o’[email protected],


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