HTS announces fully enclosed all-in-one license plate recognition system

May 2009 Asset Management, EAS, RFID

Hi-Tech Solutions (HTS), a developer and provider of optical character recognition (OCR) computer vision systems, today announced C5 - a new all-in-one license plate recognition (LPR) system. The new system is a fully enclosed unit containing all the hardware and software required for a full LPR system package, requiring only a power supply.

C5 can be used for either access control in parking garages (including temporary parking lots) or on roadside poles and gantries for traffic surveillance and monitoring applications where passing vehicles can be tracked for a wide range of security and logistic functions, while automatically generating a vehicle list. The system can immediately compare the vehicle’s license number to crime, homeland security and intelligence databases, allowing an immediate alert when a suspicious car crosses the road.

The new system can be combined with HTS’s existing container code recognition (CCR) system.

“C5 is an all-in-one system containing all necessary components for easy installation and immediate operation anywhere, anytime,” said Meta Rotenberg, HTS’s VP Business Development. “C5 does not require a dedicated PC and can be connected directly or via the Web to other systems. This new generation system offers significant benefits in terms ease of installation, maintenance and operating costs.”

C5 includes an embedded microprocessor, camera, illumination unit, vehicle motion detector, Wi-Fi communications, and HTS’s proprietary license plate recognition software package (SeeCar). All of the LPR functions are automated within the system, including comparison to a database, and output to a gate or barrier. Authorised vehicle numbers are stored on the unit’s database, while pre-registered users can access and modify it, via the internal web server interface using a network (LAN) or Internet connection. The C5 can transmit the recognised plate number to other systems, via TCP/IP over the LAN or optional wireless.

Based on its proprietary technology, HTS develops and provides a variety of LPR applications and CCR systems. All of the applications leverage the company’s core technology – implementation of image processing applications – together with in-house developed hardware systems that are optimised for OCR software requirements. This versatile technology provides both public and private organisations with secure, accurate and efficient solutions to homeland security, law enforcement, traffic management, access control, and port automation and security.

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