Free five user license of GFI LANguard available

May 2009 Cyber Security

AfricaSD has announced the immediate availability of a free, one year, five user license for GFI LANguard. An essential tool for network administrators, GFI LANguard enables them to scan, detect, assess and rectify network vulnerabilities and to secure their networks with minimal administrative effort.

“We are excited that our partner, GFI Software, has decided to respond boldly to the tough economic times we are all facing by releasing a freeware version of GFI LANguard,” confirms Hennie Moolman, managing director of AfricaSD. “It is further proof of their intention to assist businesses during this downturn. It shows that they understand their customers’ needs and are prepared to do something to help.”

GFI LANguard carries out more than 15 000 vulnerability assessments during a scan of the network, which includes all of its virtual environments as well. Once the scan is complete, GFI LANguard’s Patch Management functionality allows administrators to deploy and manage patches and security updates on all machines across the network. Hardware information can also be retrieved and baseline comparisons used to check for unauthorised changes.

Not only will five users enjoy free protection for 12 months, they will also be able to upgrade to the fully fledged GFI LANguard product at the end of the trial at an exclusively reduced price.

To download the five user, one year license of GFI LANguard or to find out more information about this security product, visit

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