SaaS need not be an unmanaged risk

March 2009 Security Services & Risk Management

There are business risks associated with using the SaaS model of service delivery that many companies fail to address.

Software as a service (SaaS) is a great innovation for businesses that rely on information technology to keep operations running smoothly and cost effectively. Yet, while the services on offer are a positive step forward, there are business risks associated with using the SaaS model of service delivery that many companies fail to address.

The SaaS model allows companies to lease IT services from a central provider, using applications and storage remotely. The user does not need any servers or applications, saving on hardware, human resource and licensing costs without losing functionality. Moreover, the problem of how to deal with obsolete technology is removed as the service provider deals with those issues.

“SaaS is a great option for companies that need IT services, especially in a global recession where capital expenditure is being cut,” says Amir Lubashevsky, executive director of Magix Integration. “Using the SaaS model, companies do not need to make investments in IT infrastructure or resources, but are still able to use the latest and best applications at all times on a rental or lease basis.”

SaaS is cheaper, especially in the short term, but a lower cost does not mitigate all the risks. As with traditional outsourcing deals, SaaS requires companies to hand their confidential data over to a third party, which then takes responsibility for the security, accuracy and safekeeping of the information.

This is an enormous risk. Even in traditional outsourcing, we have seen companies losing their data when service providers went bankrupt or when the customer wanted to move to a new provider. Similar risks apply in the SaaS model for any company abdicating accountability for its own data.

“A business cannot allow its SaaS provider to retain sole responsibility for its information,” states Lubashevsky. “It is every company’s responsibility to protect its data from loss due to a disaster or any other cause, whether using the SaaS model or not.”

This may mean a separate backup and business continuity strategy that is maintained over and above the SaaS services. Whatever the particular solution chosen, corporate governance stipulations will hold each business executive responsible for the safekeeping of critical and sensitive data.

“SaaS is a great concept if it is done properly and the associated data risks are mitigated,” says Lubashevsky. “The company is able to obtain all the functionality available in the latest versions of the best applications, without the costs associated with licensing, hardware and technical human resources.”

Amir Lubashevsky, executive director, Magix Integration
Amir Lubashevsky, executive director, Magix Integration

For more information contact Amir Lubashevsky, Magix Integration, +27 (0)11 258 4442,

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