Pearls of Umhlanga opts for triple-play

November 2008 Residential Estate (Industry)

Letlhaka Technologies has deployed a triple-play infrastructure at Pearls of Umhlanga.

Pearls of Umhlanga is one of KwaZulu-Natal’s more distinguished residential developments designed to create one of the most sought-after property locations in the region, Pearls of Umhlanga has implemented a triple-play communications, entertainment, and security infrastructure.

The estate manages its digital lifestyle services through one central hub, a fibre-based PON network system throughout the complex, installed and supported by Letlhaka Technologies.

This gives the estate a broad selection of broadband Internet and e-mail facilities. Moreover, according to Phillip Uys, MD of Paltrow Holdings, a management and utilities company, Pearls of Umhlanga provides each home owner with the choice of full security and access surveillance.

The smart home option provides each home with a security and surveillance system that provides protection, remote viewing options and holiday simulation. Homeowners can also avail themselves of a smart telephony option, an Internet protocol telephone system that provides for free telephone calls within the complex and will offer external and international calls at reduced rates in the future.

The PON equipment is imported and supported locally by Letlhaka. The solution adds value to residents’ lifestyles and enhances the returns on the developer’s and homeowners’ property assets. Furthermore, it reduces homeowners’ monthly expenditures by improving management efficiencies.

Letlhaka Technologies sales manager, Lloyd Wood, says GEPON is the most widely deployed next generation access network solutions available today.

Letlhaka is able to bridge traditional telephone service, Ethernet service, and RF video (satellite and Free-to-Air) services onto a single, passive optical distribution platform. By bringing together the technical worlds of passive optical networking (PON) and the emerging RF over Glass (RFoG), Letlhaka provides a hybrid PON, solution providing the operator the flexibility of the services they choose, in the format they prefer.

For more information contact Lloyd Wood, Letlhaka Technologies, +27 (0)12 345 6270,

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