New energisers launched

November 2008 Perimeter Security, Alarms & Intruder Detection

Stafix Electric Fence Centre has launched a new imported range of JVA Z Range Energisers. The energisers have been designed in a joint venture with Pakton Technologies in Australia. The energiser is available in three models, the 4 Joule Z14, the 8 Joule Z18 and the two zone Z28. The JVA Z range energisers have an LCD voltage display making it easy for the client to see the output and return voltages on their fence clearly.

The energisers can also be supplied with the optional LCD keypads, which besides giving diagnostic display, also offer the installer the ability to customise the installation by programming his name and contact numbers on the keypad. The energiser has all the standard features expected in the market such as earth monitoring, gate input, key-switch, low power monitoring, full programming ability etc.

The Z14 can also be offered with a bi-polar option. A bi-polar fence is an all-live wire fence. Internationally there has been a move to bi-polar fencing as the ability of the unit to pulse simultaneously a synchronised monitored positive and negative pulse with respect to earth results in a perpetrator receiving a half power shock from any wire in the system, and the full power shock across any two wires. In a conventional live earth fence a perpetrator will only receive a shock of half the system, namely the live wires and the easy to tamper with earth wires are only if lucky monitored for cutting. The other big plus factor of bi-polar wiring is one eliminates the annoying often difficult to eliminate arcing experienced in coastal or dusty areas.


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