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September 2008 Products

Following the very successful launch of its new range of GPRS communicators earlier this year, QD Group has announced the launch of three new products to complement its offering to the security industry.

Firstly, a new range Codex receiver, field tested to a range of one kilometre with a standard Codex remote transmitter. Even greater range can be achieved with a Codex pendant transmitter.

Employing the world's most secure 'code hopping' technology, the Codex receiver is available in one, two or three channel configurations. The receiver operates with up to 33 Codex transmitters and latch or non-latch modes of operation are individually selectable per channel. The receiver has a Received Signal Strength LED indicator and link selectable positive or negative outputs.

Secondly, a new five-button Codex Remote Transmitter employing high security Codex technology which transmits a different code each time the button is pressed and so eliminates all illegal attempts to clone, scan or code grab the transmitter code. The transmitter operates with the full range of Codex receivers and comes pre-coded ready for use from the factory.

The transmitter employs a three volt lithium battery for 10 times longer life than most current remotes. The casing is splash proof and recessed buttons prevent accidental operation and sticking buttons which drain the battery.

Thirdly, a totally new eight-zone wireless module used in conjunction with the HSC 505E Alarm Control Panel. The module allows the use of a mixture of hard-wired and wireless zones in a single installation.

The module eliminates the need for a separate dedicated receiver to control the switching on and off of the alarm. Eight LEDs identify each zone and so makes programming of wireless PIRs and other peripherals very easy. The module is installed on the alarm panel's bus and is cost effective. Shortly a new version of the module will be available which is connected to the main alarm panel via RF.

For more information contact Justin Fletcher, QD Group, +27 (0)11 996 4400,

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