Edimax home networking solution

September 2008 Residential Estate (Industry)

Edimax demonstrated new wireless Internet solutions at the 2008 Computex Exhibition in Taipei. This included Wireless 11n Internet connections, routers, print servers, Internet radio players and IP cameras.

The home networking solution allows users to enjoy the convenience of the Internet anywhere in their house, whether it is on computer, TV, projector, webcam or even the radio. The concept of a home networking solution includes three important demands:

1. Core product - there needs to be a core product that can link up to all other products.

2. Fast connection - there needs to be a way for all digital household products to be linked up to the core product.

3. Easy management - After connecting, the user should manage the digital household products or share information carried in the products, through a simple management interface.

This is done through the Edimax wireless broadband router.

The home networking solution was showcased by creating a wireless family setting at this year's Computex exhibition. Based on the core product, the Wireless 802.11n Broadband Router, the built-in EZview network management software quickly connects and manages all the network devices and computers, TVs etc, with an IP address without having to input any equipment data first.

The Edimax home networking solution can be viewed as a complete Internet multimedia audio-visual integration that creates more wireless possibilities for the N-generation families.

For more information contact Miro distribution, 086 123 Miro, www.miro.co.za


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