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September 2008 Cyber Security

In today’s technology-driven world it is amazing how many people do not take the steps to protect their information. Especially, when the information is mobile.

It is evident that people finally understand the value of their information. This includes private information, business related information and sensitive data belonging to clients. This private and confidential information has an immeasurable value and has disastrous effects on people and businesses if the information is lost or falls into the wrong hands.

Corporate losses are made up of actual monetary loss, legal fees, hefty settlements, identity theft or loss of reputation and client trust to name a few.

"Ask those around you what they do to protect their assets and you will get a multitude of answers. This includes burglar bars and alarm systems for homes or businesses; transponder immobilisers and tracking systems for motor cars, armed response, etc. What about your information? Is this not also a prized and most valuable asset worth protecting?" says John Mc Loughlin, managing director of J2 Software.

"I have seen that generally the corrective measures are only put in place once data loss has already occurred," says Mc Loughlin, "rather than taking some simple steps to protect information from the outset."

You have to ask yourself if you are taking the necessary steps to protect your confidential information. Is your data locked up and protected?

"All users need to ensure that their data is instantly locked-down to prevent unauthorised access. A perfect scenario is to provide an 'ignition-key' for your information; without the physical device your data is protected, and so is your identity. The solution must include industry strength data encryption to ensure that even in the extreme case of theft your information remains safe."

Mc Loughlin adds, "Finally, you must also ensure that this is encompassed in a single solution which is easy to use for all levels of IT users, such as the T3 SecurityKey. The people with the most sensitive company information are not always the most IT savvy and what is the use of a comprehensive mobile data protection solution if the person carrying the data refuses to use it?"

For more information contact John Mc Loughlin, managing director, J2 Software, +27 (0)11 794 8301,,

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