Kallix digital recorder shipping in volume worldwide

September 99 CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring

Kallix Corporation, a global provider of digital recording security solutions, has announced the general availability of its digital security monitoring and storage system (DSMS-100) worldwide. DSMS-100 is a complete PC based-turnkey system replacing existing VCRs in security surveillance and assessment applications. Kallix leads the market in delivering superior image quality, post-processing and Wavelet compression technology to the security market.

"Kallix is proud to have had such a positive response from our early beta community. With valuable input we were able to architect the most user-friendly and highest performing digital solution available today," said Robin Y.P. Ong, President, Kallix Corporation. "Kallix develops its own proprietary technology designed specifically for the security industry - no other digital solution in the security market can match this claim. As a result, we bring the most cutting-edge technology to market faster and better than the competition."

The DSMS-100 is a 4-camera input (non-multiplexed) monitoring, recording and post-processing system. Each camera has a full PAL input providing an undivided high-resolution image for each camera site. The proprietary Wavelet chip processor delivers 15 fps for a single input and 10 fps for four concurrent inputs. DSMS-100 uses a combination of hardware and software compression for a combined compression ratio of 100:1 and greater.

Using Kallix's breakthrough Wavelet post-processing, DSMS-100 enables expansion of an analog input of up to 64X without losing resolution. There is no pixelation or blockiness that is inherent in JPEG images when an image is expanded. Kallix's Wavelet also offers users the ability to authenticate an image in a court of law.

For details contact Kallix on tel: (091) 978 392 9642, fax: (091) 978 392 5898, or e-mail: [email protected]

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