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March 2007 CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring

Many CCTV installations in the past were designed as a deterrent to prevent customers from shoplifting as well as to monitor key areas. Some installations used a mix of real and dummy cameras, believing the dummy cameras were just as useful as the real CCTV cameras. Businesses now realise that CCTV can be a valuable management tool as well as a key element in their constant battle to reduce shrinkage. It is not uncommon to see CCTV systems with 16, 32, 48 or more cameras, all with live recording DVRs installed.

Remote CCTV monitoring has often been a compromise. Remote monitoring IP systems can be expensive and bandwidth hungry with frustrating frame rates. As a less expensive alternative, Video Domain has high frame rate solutions available, which have been limited to provide remote monitoring for only four or eight cameras per site.

"We recognised the need to be able to view any camera in the system, at the same high frame rates and quality that Neteye provides," says Morris Maram, MD of Emergency Reaction Services. When working with Video Domain and Avtech, we were able to develop a system that expanded the number of remote cameras that the system is capable of viewing to over 100, without increasing the bandwidth usage. We are even able to use our PSTN system for these large numbers of cameras. We can now provide complete onsite live recording as well."

The Neteye CCTV monitoring systems are based on video conferencing technology. They use minimal amounts of bandwidth making it an effective method of receiving live footage of businesses remotely. Combined with the fact that this inexpensive system allows the user to remotely switch on and off lights, open or lock doors, set off alarms, have two way voice communication or be activated by an alarm, the Neteye system is in a class of its own. There are also PSTN and GSM versions that are straightforward dial-up systems with no monthly ADSL costs.

The Neteye system is password protected and completely private. Only authorised people can connect into the system using a password. It can, however, be activated by either an alarm or panic button to connect through to an alarm control room. The Observer control room software, designed specifically for Neteye monitoring, is soon to be installed in shopping mall control rooms at Sandton City, Eastgate and Alberton City. When activated by a panic button, the control room will be able to see the 'exact' problem in the store and respond accordingly.

The Video Domain products are distributed by Emergency Reaction Services.

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