Protecting cargo in transit

October 2006 Surveillance

Theft of goods in transit is an ongoing problem for many companies. Drivers often try to blame the shortages on packers, clients and whoever else comes to mind. Who ­really is to blame?

Today most tracking systems can tell when and where the vehicles have stopped or unloaded goods but they cannot say what goods have been unloaded.

The new Memocam DV-58 Cell is a miniature combination DVR with a built-in video motion detection alarm and a GSM module. No bigger than a pack of cigarettes, the unit can be activated by the digital video detection system, by an external magnetic switch, infrared detector or by using a cellphone.

The DV-58 Cell will then record the picture on the internal SD card, send an SMS to a cellphone or control room and then e-mail the pictures to a selected phone, office computer or control room. Users can see exactly who unloaded which items from your vehicle, from the convenience of the office. They can also confirm that those brief stops were in fact caused by heavy traffic and not a quick stop to unload goods. Couple this with GPS information from a tracking system and a complete picture is created.

The DV-58 Cell comes complete with remote control operation. The unit can be triggered from a cellphone or with the supplied remote control schedule. A schedule can also be set up to automatically snap pictures. The system could simply set up so that it is programmed to snap pictures every time an item is off loaded from the back of the vehicle. This provides visual evidence of who is unloading the vehicles and which goods are being removed.

The system can be installed using unobtrusive pin hole type cameras installed in the overhead light or on the roof of the cargo area. Thousands of pictures can be taken and stored on the memory card, giving an accurate record of the day's deliveries. Off site storage of the day's events are easily and inexpensively obtainable.

MemoCam can be used to increase vehicle security in buses by recording the activities of passengers, documenting and preventing crimes, and validating legal and insurance claims. Bus companies can use the system to check on passenger counts and ticket sales. The products are distributed in South Africa by Emergency Reaction Services.

For more information contact Morris Maran, Emergency Reaction Services, +27 (0) 11 234 6000, [email protected],

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