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April 2006 Perimeter Security, Alarms & Intruder Detection

It is an almost impossible task to develop a cost effective motion detector capable of achieving a high level of false alarm immunity, while retaining a high sensitivity to movement. The new C-100ST from Napco has managed to achieve these unique characteristics, explaining why the largest security companies in the world have standardised on these detectors for their day-to-day usage. Reducing false alarms became a priority for these large companies, but they could not afford to have missed alarms.

The dual technology detector uses both passive infrared and microwave technology to measure any movement in the detection area. The passive infrared detector is ideal for 'cross-catch', being most sensitive to movement at 90° (across) to the sensor. The microwave detector is mostly a 'bore-sight' device, sensitive to movement to and away from the sensor. Most dual technology detectors require an individual trigger from both the passive infrared component and the microwave component to create an alarm condition. The Napco C-100 combines both signals into a processor, comparing the total result with algorithms of true human movement. This process enables the detector to attain a considerably higher-level catch capability than normally available dual technology devices.

In addition to the detector's ability to combine and intelligently evaluate two complementary technologies, the detector continually self-tests the technologies, giving a warning if either technology fails, while continuing to operate acceptably. If either of the technologies fails to operate the detector is quite capable of operating with only either the microwave or passive infrared sensor.

What makes the C-100 special and so unique is the patented Adaptive Technology. This technology gives the detector the ability to adjust to harsh environments and to continually learn the environmental conditions. The internal processor analyses and compares the passive infrared and microwave signals looking for the lowest operational setting. The detector's signal amplification (gain) is then increased to maintain maximum catch performance with the lowest possible incidence of false alarms. In this way, the detector maintains its alarm threshold at a level slightly higher than that of the background environment.

A recent survey in the United Kingdom shows that over the last five years 600 000 installed Napco dual technology detectors, have achieved the remarkably low false alarm rate of 0,003%

The Anti-masking version, the Napco C-101 has the added capability of detecting foreign objects or substances that compromise its ability to sense motion. In the C-101 detector, the microwave creates an additional channel to generate a dome of protection around the sensor. An object entering this dome of protection and not leaving within a short period of time allows the detector to know that it has been masked. A separate signal is generated, to be sent to a control panel. The detector can detect solid objects placed in front of the lens or the MW cavity as well as spayed agents that blind the PIR lens.

Napco is now proud to also introduce its newest innovation. The C200AP Adaptive Dual Technology Sensor now has 100 lb. pet/animal immunity! P.E.T. (Profile Enhanced Targeting) processing provides revolutionary pet immunity for any size pet by intelligently distinguishing animals from intruders!

This unique detector also includes Smarter System, which is a panel and sensor integration input. This feature automatically coordinates sensor sensitivity with panel status such as armed, disarmed, arming in progress, etc.

The Napco detectors are available in southern Africa exclusively through PowerHouse Electronics.

For more information contact Earle Wainstein, PowerHouse Electronics, 011 444 2061,,

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