FTSA launches new medium-haul FM video/data transmission system.

August '99 CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring

Fibre Transmission Systems Africa (FTSA) has launched a new COE medium-haul FM video/data transmission system. The new product, to be know as the Series 300, has been developed to enhance COE's current range of single channel units. Says Mike Jefferies, MD of FTSA, "This cost-effective single mode solution is ideally suited to single camera installations and in particular integrated transport systems (ITS) and the security marketplace."

Key features of the Series 300 video/data transmission system include:

p One high quality simplex FM video channel which meets RS250B medium haul specification.

p 20 dB optical budget as standard which has a typical range of 50 km.

p Two independent auxiliary channels.

p Comprehensive alarms including video loss and optical loss.

p Designed for use with the low-cost COE 3170BV 19" rack system.

p 12 V d.c. operation.

p Eurocard and boxed Eurocard versions available as standard.

p No user adjustments.

For details contact Mike Jefferies at Fibre Transmission Systems Africa on tel: (011) 679 1594 or e-mail: myjeffs@global.co.za

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