Philips Introduces coaxial transceiver systems.

August '99 CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring

The LTC 8591, LTC 8592 and LTC 8593 Series of coaxial transceiver system (CTS) multichannel transceivers use frequency division multiplexing to integrate multiple signals onto a single standard video coaxial cable.

The CTS transceivers are designed to work with the Philips range of Allegiant systems and Philips AutoDomes, where multiple cameras can be in use. When the Allegiant system uses the new LTC 7460/-1 CTS Backbox unit, transmission of all video, data and audio signals is over the connected coaxial cable. This provides savings in the cost of installation in both materials and time, with the added advantage that servicing is much easier.

The units are fully multichannel, allowing for connection of either 4, 8 or 16 cameras to one unit, depending on the type ordered. Using new technology, transmission distance has been increased from the standard 300-1220 m.

Full duplex transmission of RS485 data is bidirectional to the AutoDome, providing pan/tilt/zoom control without any additional wiring. The CTS transceiver introduces the capability of audio transmission over the same coaxial cable. The half-duplex bidirectional audio allows for individual conversations between remote sites and the control centre, and broadcast of announcements to selected groups or system wide.

A 'Video following' feature enables camera image and audio to be linked together, so that when central control calls a remote site over the audio network, the camera image is automatically shown on the monitor. This feature can also be linked to an alarm signal.

The new CTS AutoDome incorporates contact closure inputs and relay outputs that can be used to switch the camera image to the control centre monitor, together with the linked audio.

The CTS transceiver also incorporates a camera synchronisation signal provided for vertical sync locking of cameras. The signal is referenced to the sync input, if present, or to the power input.

For large systems, an address switch allows for cascading of up to 256 units.

Control of video, data and audio transmission is retained by the Allegiant system from its standard keyboard. The Allegiant system will automatically detect that CTS is available on specific cameras and, as well as providing full control of camera functions and video, will give the operator multiple selection functions of audio greatly enhancing security and observation monitoring.

For details contact Tony Janse of Philips CSS on tel: (011) 471 6062, fax: (011) 471 6277 or e-mail:

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