Philips introduces System4, a four-in-one CCTV video controller unit.

August '99 CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring

Philips Communication & Security Systems is offering a new multiplexer-based system that combines the four major CCTV surveillance system control functions in one compact unit.

Designed to provide operators of medium size security systems with easy system control and flexibility, the new System4 video controller serves as a matrix switcher, a colour multiplexer, a pan/tilt/zoom controller and a VCR controller. It can handle multiple multiplexers from local and remote sites without adding costly CPUs or servers.

By the addition of a simple keyboard, operational control of up to 30 multiplexers can be achieved. With a separate keyboard port expander, up to four remote keyboards can control one System4 video controller unit. System4 is available in three models: 9-channel duplex, 16-channel duplex and 16-channel simplex, in both NTSC and PAL formats.

As a matrix switcher, System4 allows full switching commands of video inputs and outputs. As a multiplexer, System4 provides capabilities including multiscreen viewing and selection of encoding outputs, with programmable digital motion detection for enhanced recording features. And as a controller, System4 via an external keyboard, enables full control of AutoDomes and other Philips receiver/drivers for pan/tilt/zoom controlled devices. Also, as a controller, System4 provides control of the primary operating functions of Philips time-lapse VCRs.

System4's advanced proprietary integrated circuitry allows for recording from multiple camera locations even as operators are inspecting previously recorded tapes. Duplex units can record and playback simultaneously or support dual multiscreen monitors. Up to 16 camera locations may be viewed at one time. And any single camera may be called up on one monitor as the operator continues to view the other cameras on another monitor.

System4's multiplexer functions can be programmed to record two independent encode lists while viewing live video. With the unique Time Events feature, users can preprogram functions, including different sensitivity levels of motion detection, to activate at certain times of the day, week or month, reducing the need for operator interface.

With its new space saving design, System4 fits comfortably into any standard one-rack height system.

For details, contact Tony Janse of Philips CSS on telephone (011) 471 6062, fax (011) 471 6277 or e-mail [email protected]

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