Automated system for improved security

December 2005 Residential Estate (Industry)

Legrand's new automated system controls electrical functions to improve home security, without anyone even having to be on the property.

With the recent launch of the 'In One by Legrand' automated system, any number of separate electrical functions can be combined and controlled remotely from any part of the house, or away from home - even from another country - to provide a safer environment.

For example, it is possible to turn off all the lights and activate the alarm, in a single operation, when leaving home. All it requires to control these functions away from home is a connection to the home server with a mobile phone, a computer connected to a phone line or via the Internet.

An occupancy sensor is also available to keep the lights on for as long as the area is occupied - this is ideal for door entrances, toilets and storerooms. A smart function also allows the compensation of daylight by adjusting the light level according to the ambient light.

An additional security feature is the Omizzy - a control unit that enables, through a web browser or via the Internet, the command of various functions. For example, if the premises are empty, a sequence of actions can be programmed and activated at pre-set times, giving the impression of someone inside.

For added security, camera modules enable the user to monitor all designated areas by viewing any TV in the home.

Audio and video door entry control kits also enhance safety in the home and provide peace of mind. This door entry system allows the homeowner to not only communicate with, but more importantly to view visitors at the front door or gate, before allowing them access.

The operating principle of this new automated system is based on the combination of 'In One by Legrand' products that communicate with one another and a scenario switch that sets the selected scenarios.

By fitting more scenario controls and 'In One by Legrand' switches, additional functions are possible. For example, lights and airconditioning can be turned off in one operation, with an add-on option to leave the blinds open or simultaneously close them.

A big advantage is that new cabling is not necessary to accommodate this system and as requirements change, it is simple to add to or modify the installation.

Modular Mosaic switches and sockets, which enhance the automated system, offer many different electrical functions to provide maximum comfort and safety for modern living environments.

For more information contact Legrand, 011 444 7971.


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