Urbaco retractable bollards

August 2005 Perimeter Security, Alarms & Intruder Detection

Urbaco retractable bollards can withstand the shock of a seven-ton truck travelling at 50 km/h, this is partly due to the structural parts cast in steel.

Invented in 1984 by Yvan Verra the founder of Urbaco, a subsidiary of CAME, European leader in gate and door automation distributed by TRI-BPT Automation, the retractable bollards are used to control access to public or private roads and to delineate spaces for passers-by and vehicles.

Retractable bollards are used for various applications in very different fields, yet all with one common purpose: controlling access to one or several points. They can be used to restrict access into parking lots, entrance into private estates, high security areas. Urbaco can also be used for the management of vehicles to combat intrusion into embassies or sensitive sites or buildings. To ensure that Urbaco stands up to the test of time retractable bollards are subjected to severe endurance and resistance test with the results showing that the retractable bollards can be subjected to 4,5 million cycles without the need of repair.

For more information contact Stephan Blignaut, TRI-BPT Automation, 011 616 3222, stephanb@tribpt.co.za, www.tribpt.co.za


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