Electric fencing - the facts

June 2005 Perimeter Security, Alarms & Intruder Detection

Traditional physical barriers such as fencing, walling and palisades in conjunction with barbed or razor coils are evident at residences and industrial sites throughout South Africa.

Many premises are fitted with sophisticated alarm systems, as well as closed circuit television (CCTV) systems. Many of the systems may even be linked to 24 hour armed reaction control rooms, effective in notifying of an intruder's entry.

It is Nemtek's opinion that there is nothing to compare with electric fencing when one wishes to ensure that intruders do not enter where they are not wanted.

Not only will the intruder be faced with a physical barrier, they will also be exposed to high voltage pulses that deter the most hardened criminal. An electric fence not only acts as a physical barrier, but also acts as an early warning alarm system. The electric fence can be connected to 24 hour armed reaction companies, advising of an attempt of entry to premises before intruders actually gain access. There is no doubt, an electric fence is an asset to home owners and businesses alike, offering effective security and peace of mind.

Practical tips on electric fencing

* Insulated HT cable must be used between the energiser and the fence.

* Undergate HT cable to be used when continuing an electric fence across an entrance or roadway.

* Earth spikes should be inserted and connected along the full length of the fence, and not more than 30 m apart.

* Earthing of the electric fence should always be isolated from the mains earth supplied.

* For exceptionally long fences, it is advisable to segment the fence using additional energisers.

* If at all possible, do not use barbed or razor wire for electric fence installations.

* Avoid installing an electric fence parallel to overhead power lines.

* Adhere to SANS60335-2-76 specifications with regards to warning signs, height restrictions of wall-top fencing as well as physical barriers for free standing fencing.

* Use only CE approved electric fence energisers.

* In areas where lightning can be experienced, it is always wise to protect the energiser by installing lightning diverter/arrestor kits.

* Use wall mount loops on wall-top fencing to prevent lifting or separation of fence wires by intruders.

* Where possible, use like materials for connections to the fence in order to avoid chemical reaction between unlike materials.

* Ensure vegetation is kept clear of the electric fence at all times (remember wet vegetation is likely to hang lower than when dry).

* Keep a healthy distance between neighbouring fences.

* Poor quality insulators have a tendency to crack or deteriorate in constant sunlight. Ensure that insulators used have been moulded using ultraviolet stabilised materials.

For more information contact Nemtek Kya Sand, 011 462 8283, [email protected], www.nemtek.com


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