Product of the year - Opsis Alpha

December 2000 Integrated Solutions

The Alpha recorder offers the user a multitude of added features and add-ons. And this is what sets it aside as one of the most versatile and technologically advanced recorders available today. This is according to Margerete du Toit of Opsis Visual Management, when referring to the company's product of the year.

According to du Toit, the prime distinctive feature of Alpha is its IT-integratable design. "Not only is the video system IT-managed, but the applications of video are changing from purely security, to aspects such as operations monitoring, building management and asset tracking. The ability of Alpha to communicate with third party management systems on an encoding level enables the management system to synchronise the video information with other incoming data and to retrieve the video data from a control point."

The Alpha provides live monitoring via PSTN, ISDN or LAN. In addition, the system will also be able to provide playback early in 2001. "Video playback over distance is a real need and Opsis is currently developing ROVIN - remote Opsis video network - used in conjunction with Alpha recorders at local sites, to provide a powerful remote playback package with multi-casting, broadcasting and web-enabled access," explains du Toit.

Furthermore, Opsis provides a comprehensive support package to all its users, with on-line support through a dial-up system directly to the Alpha recorder. "As an added bonus, Alpha is a South African product, which means that prices are not influenced by the erratic behaviour of the exchange rate. We do not compete on price, but rather on value for money," concludes du Toit.

For more details contact Opsis Visual Management, tel: (021) 880 0040, e-mail:

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