Johnson Controls launches new Cardkey P2000

April 2005 Cyber Security

Johnson Controls has launched the latest version of the Cardkey P2000 security management systems, featuring a number of enhancements. In addition to a new remote redundancy option for increased system reliability, the system offers new features to help facilities meet certain guidelines set by the transportation security administration (TSA) and the food and drug administration (FDA), highly relevant in the context of airports and drug manufacturing plants.

A new remote redundancy option enables host servers to be mirrored over a commercial quality wide-area network, ensuring security even when the primary host site is down or compromised. When integrated with closed-circuit television, the system provides significantly enhanced security with the flexibility to retrofit many geographically dispersed locations.

"Our customers rely on us to understand their business, not just their security needs. This is particularly true among our customers in the heavily regulated transportation and life sciences industries. As a systems integrator with a long history of serving facilities in a wide variety of markets, Johnson Controls is well positioned to deliver customised solutions," says Neil Cameron, divisional manager, Johnson Controls.

"Through innovative solutions and unstructured thinking we are paving the way for facilities to make a critical contribution to organisational goals. Johnson Controls creates environments in which cost, productivity and shareholder value are as important as safety, health and comfort, positively impacting bottom line results," Cameron adds.

For more information contact Neil Cameron, Johnson Controls, 011 886 8997, [email protected],


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