Maximising perimeter security

April 2005 Perimeter Security, Alarms & Intruder Detection

The property has been barricaded with electric fencing, perimeter alarm systems and automatic gates so that unwanted guests are kept out, now a means must be provided by which wanted guests can alert the occupants of the house or building in order to get in.

The simplest and most practical solution is an intercom system. In fact because this communication mechanism allows for visitors to be screened before they are given entry to the property, the intercom becomes an important part of a perimeter protection system.

In the South African market the audio intercom system remains the most viable and consequently most popular communication system due to its simplicity and affordability.

Centurion Systems has developed an intercom system with a specific view to satisfying the requirements of the local market.

This new product targets the entry level sector where to date the systems might be very well priced but lack expandability, functionality and reliability when subjected to local operating conditions such as lightning and electrical surges etc.

The POLOphone offers a value-for-money intercom system with a unique style and outstanding features.

Installation makes use of only two wires throughout. To power the unit, 12 V d.c. from a gate motor battery or DC power supply can be connected to any entry panel or handset in the system.

The system also offers versatility and expandability. From a basic one-to-one kit for the average home, components can be very simply added to the system to expand it into an ideal unit for large houses or small office installations.

* Up to two entry panels.

* Each entry panel fitted with one or two call buttons.

* Two groups of phones.

* Up to three phones per group.

* Each call button rings one of the two groups of phones.

* Intercommunication between two groups of phones.

This degree of expandability is typically only available with much larger and more expensive systems.

To enhance the reliability of the system substantial protection circuitry has been incorporated into both the electronics of the phone and entry panel to guard against lightning and electrical surges.

The design of the POLOphone handset is state-of-the-art. The hole in the centre of the handpiece allows it to clip over the cradle and merge smoothly into one compact unit.

With the handpiece remaining in position, the hole in the handpiece exposes the buttons on the face of the cradle allowing operation of the gate/door release and any auxiliary features.

Each phone can independently operate the door lock or gate motor linked to each entry panel. Each phone has a further auxiliary pushbutton to operate an extra facility at the gate/door entrance (pedestrian opening) or switch on a light outside. Finally, a small window has been provided in the face of the phone cradle to accommodate a status indicator light (LED) that can be connected to the gate operator or entrance door.

For more information contact Judy Lewis, Centurion Systems, 011 699 2400, [email protected]


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