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February 2005 Cyber Security

Conceptually, a local security network (or LSN) offers the foundation for a security architecture, with flexiblity being the operative word. LSNs can be applied to a wide variety of fire and intrusion detectors, and can be complemented by a vast range of peripheral equipment. Security with LSNs is simply more reliable and more cost-effective.

Bosch Security Systems lie at the heart of the LSN. They cover a wide variety of detectors and also permit combinations of fire and intrusion alarm systems. Existing components can be incorporated into a LSN, as well as existing peripheral equipment from other manufacturers. The LSN offers you the latest generation of detectors with active self-monitoring features.

Conventional detectors, indicator panels or fixed extinguisher systems can be connected to the systems using coupling interfaces elements. Equipment for monitored control and feedback such as smoke hatches, automatic door controls and sounders/strobes can also be incorporated into the system.

Flexible network topology

With an LSN you can set up your network exactly as you need it; in loop form, tee offs, or a combination of the two. This is made possible by a bi-directional digital transmission procedure, which allows constant a data dialogue between the sensor and the control panel. A single double-wire primary line transfers information from the control panel to the LSN elements and back while supplying power to the detectors.

High security, low outlay

LSN offers cost-effective security:

* Minimal assembly required.

* Expanding the network does not require expensive cabling adjustments.

* The cost of calling the police, fire brigade and security companies is reduced by precise and clear alarm and fault reports.

* Faulty detectors can be precisely located and easily replaced.

Each individual sensor is initialised, controlled and identified from the control panel. If necessary, the sensor can also be disconnected from the LSN. All status changes at the sensor can be identified from the control panel. Uniform transmission technology is used throughout the network, which means that it is suitable for any type detector. For you this means low-cost installation of the cable network, fast start-up and simple maintenance of the LSN elements.

The SIC 200 LSN chip

In developing the SIC 200 LSN, Bosch has produced a chip that is revolutionising intrusion alarm technology. By reducing the number of components from 40 to three and cut the space requirement to a fifth, LSN bus technology can now be integrated into even the smallest detector.

The LSN is used not only by Bosch, but also by many other manufacturers, and has become the standard in Germany. LSN is also growing quickly throughout other European countries. Today, customers can choose from a range of over 70 fire, intrusion and malfunction detectors, control units and arming equipment that use LSN technology.

* Supports of all types of detectors (fire, intrusion, malfunction, etc).

* Automatic isolation of line malfunctions.

* Transmits detector information.

For more information contact Shane Nefdt, Bosch Security Systems, 011 651 9699,,

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