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December 2004 Integrated Solutions

The Open Security Exchange was created to address today's most significant security challenge - the lack of integration between various components of the security infrastructure. The Open Security Exchange is a cross-industry forum dedicated to delivering vendor-neutral interoperability specifications and best practices guidelines in the area of security management. This enables organisations to more efficiently mitigate risk, optimise their security postures and enforce privacy policies.

Q. What is the Open Security Exchange?

A. The Open Security Exchange (OSE) is an independent, cross-industry forum that promotes enterprise security management by addressing the lack of integration commonly found in today's security infrastructure. The OSE drives the creation and adoption of interoperability standards by working closely with existing standards bodies. Using these interoperability standards helps reduce costs and leverages an organisation's existing security infrastructure to maximise investment. An advisor to government and commercial organisations, the OSE also uses its combined expertise to educate security professionals worldwide about best practice security. The OSE was founded by Computer Associates, Gemplus, HID Corporation and Tyco Software House on June 14, 2003.

Q. How did the Open Security Exchange originate?

A. The founding members identified the technological gaps between the diverse physical and information security technologies that support today's business infrastructure and highlighted the need for integration. To this end, they co-founded a cross-industry open forum to promote and create pragmatic interoperability specifications and educate the industry on best practice security.

Q. What is the vision of the Open Security Exchange?

A. The vision of the OSE is to combine the disparate technologies that form today's security infrastructures to optimise security investments and increase operational efficiency. Effective security management will result in: accurate detection of threats and attacks; consistent definition and enforcement of security policies; and enhanced organisational collaboration.

Advanced by the Open Security Exchange, the vision of effective security management is to:

* Support all of the technologies that comprise an organisation's security infrastructure. For example, the OSE promotes the convergence of physical and IT security.

* Enables organisations in the private and public sectors to maximise organisational security while optimising efficiency. The OSE promotes realistic specifications to address all types of security challenges.

* Allows organisations to adopt best practice security policies and procedures. This helps reduce the occurrence of organisational security incidents, and contributes to consumer confidence with online transactions and eCommerce.

Q. Why does the OSE focus on security management?

A. Security is one of the most important business concerns today. Because there is little technical integration between the various technologies that comprise an organisation's security infrastructure, business and IT systems are often vulnerable and prone to exposing risk. In addition, organisations are unable to consistently implement system-wide security policies due to the disparity between physical and IT security technologies.

Q. Why are the specifications and best practice documents free and publicly available?

A. The OSE encourages open collaborative relationships between technology providers, system integrators, customers, standard committees and other parties. The OSE is focused on delivering value to end-user organisations from promoting existing specifications to ease technology integration, to designing new specifications where they are currently absent and educating organisations on best practice security to promote effective security management.

Current members include Computer Associates, HID Corp, Siemens Building Technologies, VistaScape, Fargo, Software House, Gemplus, Sony Electronics, Siemens ICN and CoreStreet.

Source: The Open Security Exchange, www.opensecurityexchange.com

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