Olympic success for IP-video

November 2004 CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring, Multimedia, Videos

IndigoVision's VideoBridge technology was used to provide an IP-Video backbone for the entire security system at the Athens Olympics. The IP-network covered over 30 sites including the Olympic Village and stadia, Athens city, nine ports and hotels. The backbone provided a reliable foundation for all the security facilities and helped contribute to the overall success of the Games.

Over 700 VideoBridge 8000 transmitter/receiver modules were used to transmit MPEG-4 quality digital video, audio and alarm data over the IP-Network. The completed system is one of the largest IP-Video infrastructure projects implemented anywhere in the world. The VideoBridge 8000 units were interfaced to many thousands of analog cameras via matrices, allowing control and viewing of any camera from any point on the network. Video recording was handled by a combination of IndigoVision's network video recorder (NVR) software running on 40 different servers and locally installed hardware digital video recorders (DVRs) that were interfaced to the VideoBridge IP-Network to enable remote playback.

A command and control system integrated together all aspects of the security and surveillance. IndigoVision's SDK 8000 development software tools were used to integrate the IP-Video network into the command and control system. SDK 8000 allows system integrators to easily implement VideoBridge solutions and to access the many benefits of the IP-Video technology. The command and control system integrated CCTV surveillance, video motion detection, access control, traffic management, automatic number plate recognition, perimeter security and provided management control and data.

IndigoVision's VideoBridge technology provides a cost effective and more flexible solution for video surveillance than traditional analog CCTV installations. The system is easily scaleable allowing additional cameras to be added anywhere on the network without additional cabling. The VideoBridge family includes a range of hardware and software products including IP cameras, transmitters and receivers, recorders and 'control centre' software applications.


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