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September 2004 CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring

Dinion is a new series of digital mid-range monochrome/colour CCTV cameras from Bosch Security Systems. The range is characterised by simplicity in installation and compatibility with virtually every type and brand of CCTV equipment.

At the heart of the Dinion is a specially designed ASIC which combines Bosch Security Systems' expertise in fields such as broadcasting, television, video, semiconductors and imaging, explains Tony Janse, product manager of Bosch Security Systems, Southern Africa. "This means the Dinion achieves a higher performance level than other cameras in its class. Integration of all necessary technology into a single chip allows high-end camera performance to be achieved in a standard camera."

Dinion cameras incorporate multiple picture enhancement features to aid detection and improve identification. NightSense guarantees excellent picture quality regardless of light levels. When it becomes too dark to permit proper colour reproduction, certain Dinion models (high resolution colour versions) automatically switch to monochrome and increase their sensitivity by a factor of three, therefore maintaining image integrity. The Lens Wizard software feature ensures perfect compatibility between lens and camera, resulting in optimal pictures in all circumstances.

Auto black enables the camera to automatically boost contrast in low-visibility conditions such as fog, or when the housing window is misty or dirty. The high dynamic range highlights even the most subtle nuances in both dark and light parts of the image, allowing a much better display of details. And the use of special 'colour fidelity' algorithms means that colour reproduction is exceptionally true and accurate. The Dinion also offers backlight compensation, colour temperature tuning and auto aperture correction.

All cameras are supplied pre-configured and more or less ready to operate. A pushbutton connector for 24 V power supplies means connection is completed in a matter of seconds, without the need for tools. The camera automatically detects which type of lens is connected (DC-Iris, manual Iris or video Iris), and then adjusts itself for optimum operation. The Dinion also incorporates an intuitive, on-screen menu system for adjusting various parameters to suit specific requirements. A side panel on the camera slides back to reveal five switches to help you navigate through the menu.

The Dinion has been aesthetically styled so the body and lens appear to be one object rather than two. This modern design, allied to its compact body size, gives it the ideal combination of discreteness and aesthetic appeal.

The Dinion functions with almost any type and make of CCTV equipment. Even with more specialised equipment such as switchers or digital video recorders, it basically plugs in and starts working. It can be part of configurations as large or small as required, from single-camera systems to networks large enough to cover an entire industrial complex.

The Dinion range comprises eight different cameras, four full-colour and four monochromes. Each is available with a standard or extra-high performance sensor, in PAL, NTSC, CCIR (European monochrome) or EIA (American monochrome). All variations can be ordered with either a high or low voltage supply.

The Dinion is intended for use predominantly as a fixed CCTV camera, although it can operate with pan and tilt mechanisms and zoom lenses if required. It is essentially an indoor camera, but can also be used in many outdoor applications - and it fits all standard outdoor housings. Pre-assembled and configured outdoor cameras with Varifocal lenses are also available for easier installation.

"The Dinion can be used in banks, offices, retail outlets, city centres, petrol stations, cruise ships, airports and industrial complexes, providing highly-reliable and affordable surveillance," says Janse.


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