New intrusion control panel for SME market

August 2004 Perimeter Security, Alarms & Intruder Detection, Security Services & Risk Management

Bosch Security Systems has launched a new intrusion control panel, which is unobtrusive yet has the capacity to secure both medium-sized and small projects. The NZ 300 LSN intrusion alarm central unit includes 'intelligent' security technology that until now has only been affordable for larger applications.

As well as setting new standards as the basis for the local security network (LSN) from Bosch, the NZ 300 LSN is also breaking new ground in its appearance.

LSN was developed by Bosch and has become the industry standard in the field of security technology. LSN features single, wire-saving transmission technology, which is extremely flexible, since the components such as panel, peripherals and customer service can be combined as needed and adapted to customer requirements, explains Shane Nefdt, Product Manager of Bosch Security Systems, Southern Africa.

The NZ 300 LSN is operated via an LCD keypad with up to eight separate keypads, which can be installed either into one partition or configured into eight partitions, in various locations on the property for easy access. The LCD display provides precise information about the location and time of the alarm or disturbance, and the background memory stores the last 1024 date and time stamped events, which can be called up at any time.

An analog dial-up modem is integrated for purposes of alarm transmission, as well as remote operation and maintenance. The system can be armed in the conventional manner, via codes entered into the keypad, or can be time controlled. With the SmartKey, Bosch offers an additional innovative arming option and saves the trouble of looking for keys. Up to 40 different operator codes can be specified for defining authority levels relating to both function and time.

Systems must be carefully planned, says Nefdt, if they are to be suitable and effective. "It is wise to allow an expert to advise you and create a tailor-made package for your specific needs," he recommends.


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