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August 2003 IT infrastructure

With its unique MPEG4 audio and video coding, the new Sony PCS-1P videoconference systems are able to deliver high quality audio and video.

"An increasing number of corporate companies, educational establishments, scientific institutions and medical practitioners are using videoconferencing to improve their internal as well as external communications - bringing people together to share ideas and make decisions, wherever they are in the world," comments Sony Business SA product manager, Dave Schultz.

Dave Schultz
Dave Schultz

Quick and easy to set up, the compact PCS-1P plugs into a standard office network, ISDN network or connects to the Internet to deliver high quality audio, video and data conferencing without requiring special cabling or difficult configuration. The broadcast-quality picture and ability to reach speeds up to 2 Mbps on IP networks and up to 768 Kbps on ISDN, set the PCS-1 unit apart.

Explains Schultz: "Up to two PCs or notebooks can be connected simultaneously, allowing presenters to switch seamlessly between PCs and transmit screen images at the touch of a button. With two monitors connected, one screen can display data presentations while the other displays video and audio of the presenter. Larger images can be displayed by connection to an external data projector, television or plasma screen."

Other features include:

* Multipoint videoconferencing - The PCS-1P can connect up to six international locations into one meeting instantly. All participants can be seen on one TV monitor in the Sony 5+1 continuous presence mode, while the high resolution data or whiteboard drawings are projected via the second monitor or projector.

* Digital whiteboard support - Further improving the natural interactivity of a face-to-face meeting, a Mimio Xi Digital Whiteboard can be connected directly to the PCS-1P, allowing handwritten notes, drawings and diagrams to be displayed in realtime. Notes and other annotations can also be captured by the PCS-1P and stored to Memory Stick for sharing, storage or wider distribution.

* Super acoustic system support - The Sony CTE-600 Audioconference device can be added to provide every participant in the room with superb quality microphone and loudspeaker audio reproduction. Alternatively, up to five separate microphones can be connected to ensure that every voice in the room is heard clearly.

* Encryption - The PCS-1P supports the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) to make sure that confidential information stays secure within your conferences.

For more information contact Sony Business SA, 011 690 3200.

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