MasterCard successfully processes during Leap Year Day 2000

March/April 2000 Cyber Security

MasterCard reports the successful passing on leap day - 29 February 2000 - of another important 'Year 2000' milestone.

Because of concerns that computers might misinterpret the value of '02/29/00', MasterCard was on full alert during the milestone event period. MasterCard used the processes and procedures developed for the year 2000 date transition to monitor core processes, systems and facilities and is pleased to report that no problems were experienced related to 'leap day' processing and that cardholders continued to experience uninterrupted service.

Throughout the 02/29/00 milestone event, core processes, systems and facilities operated within normal parameters to support MasterCard members and processors without incident.

MasterCard's primary command center was staffed and on standby from 6:00 a.m. on 28 February 2000 to 11:00 a.m. on 1 March 2000 (Missouri, USA local time). Processes were in place to contact key individuals, if required and to effectively communicate problems within the organisation. In St. Louis, Missouri, USA, event management teams monitored MasterCard's status worldwide. Systems specialists monitored MasterCard's computer operations around the world to ensure that all systems continued to process payment card transactions normally.

For details, contact Neville Huxham on tel: (011) 706 8823.

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