Integrated technology protects oil pipeline

May 2003 Integrated Solutions

The Caspian Pipeline Consortium has installed an integrated security system using the Honeywell Enterprise Building Integrator (EBI) suite of applications to protect a 1500 km pipeline.

In addition to increasing security, it provides improved productivity, better asset utilisation and, over time, lower lifecycle costs.

The Caspian Pipeline Consortium (CPC) is comprised of the governments of the Russian Federation, the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Sultanate of Oman, along with a consortium of oil producers. CPC has built a 1500 km unitary pipeline exporting crude oil from the Tengiz oil field in Kazakhstan, across Russia, to a deep-water terminal on the Black Sea.

The pipeline is the first in the world to install an integrated security system using the Honeywell Enterprise Building Integrator (EBI) suite of applications. Managed by local Honeywell project management, the project provides access control, intruder detection, CCTV surveillance and audio communication subsystems, all of which work in tandem - through EBI - for improved security along the entire length of the pipeline.

Whilst each subsystem enables better protection and management of a particular aspect of pipeline operations, linked together they provide a complete picture of enterprise security. Through one single control point, it facilitates total day-to-day security while providing CPC management with detailed insight as to the physical security of their sites.

Video surveillance

Key points along the pipeline are monitored by the Honeywell Digital Video Manager (DVM), a digital CCTV surveillance system. This facilitates alarm-activated recording, by capturing the footage required, when it is needed. Footage can be viewed in realtime and historically. For a better overall picture of the incident, recordings can be programmed to provide images leading up to and following an incident.

A primary feature of the solution is the utilisation of the fibre-optic network, which runs the length of the pipeline - pumping stations, and the marine terminal included. Cameras can be installed where they are needed, and the configuration can be modified to meet requirements for tighter security or additional monitoring on the network.

Operators, working out of security stations, can 'see' what is happening and control video cameras along the entire 1500 km pipeline. The system can also be monitored and controlled from the main controller centre in Novorossiysk.

This solution supports productivity improvement. Through the integration of fire detection systems with video surveillance, alarms trigger the DVM to provide operators with images of a remote location. Operators can then take the necessary action, acknowledge remote alarms, command points, and reset the system from their workstation. The EBI's three-stage alarm handling helps guide them through emergency situations and in-built reporting tools document compliance, device testing, inspections and maintenance activities.

Personnel safety is further enhanced by a voice intercom subsystem enabling two-way communication. If need be, the station operator can call up the DVM cameras for backup, at the same time triggering a video record of the remote caller.

Access control and intrusion alarm

Access control and intruder detection operates on several different levels. A fence with in-built perimeter microphonic sensors protects all CPC facilities: the marine terminal, tank farm, five pumping stations, and more than 100 remote facilities located along the pipeline - including mainline block valves, radio towers, launcher/receivers, and future pump stations. It picks up any untoward vibration for immediate analysis and response. Any disruption automatically triggers a CCTV/DVM response.

Inside the fence, the access control system provides an effective security protection, stopping unauthorised entry to sites and buildings along the pipeline as well as the control and communications centres. Entry to restricted areas is governed down to the finest detail, such as a particular person at a particular time in a particular room. Specific programmable events (eg, a door open for too long or a reader failure) trigger an alarm and/or the locking of doors pending further investigation.

An integrated Photo ID system manages all cardholder data and provides quick access to cardholder pictures for an additional layer of security. Details of all visitors to sensitive areas are logged in a special database.

EBI integrates with Honeywell systems such as TPS, PlantScape, and Experion PKS. This ability to access and bridge core building subsystems with key business processes such as process automation, financial and personnel records, and environmental controls ultimately leads to better decision-making. This is made possible by Honeywell's patented Distributed Server Architecture (DSA) technology which facilitates sharing of the same hardware and base software.

For more information contact Frank Fowles, Honeywell, 011 695 8010.

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