Ultrak launches innovative EuroCorder II

May 2000 CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring

Known as a global leader in security solutions, Ultrak Europe has announced the introduction of another innovative product, the EuroCorder II, to its comprehensive range of security products and enterprise security solutions. A multifunctional digital surveillance system, the EuroCorder II simplifies the security process by combining various traditional security functions into one compact system.

Multitasking capability

Designed for a variety of applications from local petrol stations to large casino complexes all requiring state-of-the-art, flexible security solutions, the EuroCorder II acts as the brain behind the entire security system. Thanks to its multitasking capabilities combined with fast Wavelet and H.261/3 digital compression standards, Ultrak's EuroCorder II enables controllers to view every digital video and audio station - even remote sites - while recording, transmitting and archiving events at the same time.

Utilising the latest quality digital audio and video advancements, the EuroCorder II's customised user interface integrates external alarm systems, network video control, and other security management functions throughout the facility. With its user-friendly interface and flexible design architecture, EuroCorder II users can monitor up to 16 cameras (expandable to 32 with an additional Time Base Corrector extension unit) individually or simultaneously from a dedicated surveillance monitor or remotely anywhere in the world via a PC monitor. This flexibility means that users only invest in specific hardware needed on-site.

Says Ultrak South Africa's Managing Director Jacques Bester, "An advanced product, the EuroCorder II uses 'smart' technology. It features pre-programmability for random incident recording and event response, automatic archiving, alterable rates of transmission and adjustable image quality resolution and compression per camera."

Supporting an open network principle, the EuroCorder II is compatible with most currently available products such as cameras and printers. This philosophy also allows remote access possibilities via public and private communication networks and easy integration with local alarm services. Specialised Ultrak planning software is available to assist installers and security executives design the optimal system for any application.

For details contact Ultrak South Africa on tel: (011) 454 0590, fax: (011) 454 0591 or e-mail: jacques.bester@ultrak.co.za

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