Write-once storage system

April 2003 Security Services & Risk Management

JVC has designed and manufactured a write-once storage system, the high-speed WORM appliance. This new system incorporates mass permanent storage and fast access inside one individual unit. Easily integrated into any IT system, the high-speed WORM requires virtually no administration time, even during a system rebuild. Data can be accessed at the same speed as a hard disk drive.

The high-speed WORM appliance has three principal elements. The first is a main archive where all fixed data resides. This data is tamperproof and, whether by accident or design, cannot be erased. The second element is a high-performance RAID system, which stores incoming data that can be retrieved instantly - within milliseconds. The third element is the unique JVC system software which manages the core DVD-R archiving and high-speed data retrieval.

The auto-restore function eliminates the possibility of losing critical data and so obviates the need for secondary backup. The high-speed WORM unit encompasses an automatic, unattended system restore and resides in a durable and stylish 19" housing.


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