New network cameras from Panasonic

April 2003 CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring

NPC (Electronics), the exclusive distributor and importer of Panasonic products in South Africa, has expanded its portfolio of network colour cameras through the addition of two new models to its range of closed circuit video equipment (CCVE) systems components.

The newcomers are:

* Panasonic WV-NM100

This high quality network colour security camera is ready for both JPEG and MPEG-4 imagery, making it suitable for a variety of indoor applications such as home security, office security, field and production line management observation; or information transmission. It is easy to install and up to eight WV-NM100 cameras can be monitored (in two quad pages) by a single personal computer as part of local area and wide area networks or over the Internet.

An easy-to-use graphical user interface provides one-click monitoring capability, including 140° panning, 120° tilting, programming preset positions, automatic patrolling of up to eight locations, and zooming/magnifying realtime and recorded images.

* Panasonic WV-NP47

This day/night broadband-capable network security colour camera offers the option of monitoring over wide area network or the Internet, and can be connected directly to either digital or analog devices. Simply set an IP address and connect it to an Ethernet terminal for monitoring and control from a personal computer; or use the analog video-out to connect the camera to conventional monitoring systems using coaxial cable.

The camera, which switches automatically from selected colour mode to black-and-white mode for 24-hour surveillance capability, uses Panasonic's Super Dynamic II technology to capture natural images at entryways, near windows and in other locations with harsh contrasts between light and dark. Images are captured and stored automatically in response to inputs from motion detectors and external sensor alarms; and may be sent automatically as e-mail attachments if programmed to do so. In addition, this indoor/outdoor camera can also control external devices, such as the turning on of lighting or start-up of surveillance recorders.

For more information contact Panasonic CCVE, 086 117 7777.

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